The origins of hauer analog

Foto © Hauer Analog 2014

Franz Hauer grew up in a small blacksmithing workshop where the repair and modification of all kinds of tools and machines were part of the days toil. Following in the family business Franz Hauer graduated from the specialist college for Machine Engineering in Mödling, south of Vienna. During this time music walked into his life in the form of an Bang & Olufson Beocenter 1800. For this dream to eventuate took years of commitment and thrift saving where he could. And still to this day is the Bang & Olufson at home with the Hauers.


Through the years the building of a home and family took first place in Franz life, but never far away the endless tinkering and modification learnt in the family blacksmith workshop persisted. First motorbikes, cars, then model cars with the kids, and always music. Not just listening, but the creation of sound was Franz´s fundamental interest, the recordings and there quality and how to reproduce this in the highest niveau at home.


Music sooths the beast and as all music fanatics know the quality of sound is nothing to be underestimated. This in mind Franz Hauer began a journey that has led to where he is today. The manufacturer of the highest quality sound money can´t buy. Records may have been left behind by many but to the conisseur there is no replication of the sound of record. Studio quality sound where one can hear a pin drop, a breath taken, a moment in time of the worlds best artists cannot and will never be re-produced on todays digital technology.


Passion has its place in many things, but to those who know the feeling of music running down there spine will never settle for anything less. Franz is not interested in reinventing the turntable, it is how it sounds that he is passionate about. Clients have heard records before, limited edition recording of some of the best. When they heard these same records played on a Hauer Analog, once again they remembered what life is about, music. If there is anything that should not be forgotten about technology in the age of digital, it is that analog is better.