hauer analog offers you different products & services

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New Products

Hauer Analog offers the manufacture of new drives as well as custom-made pick-up arms. We adjust the product to your preferences, e. g. pick-up arm made from a grape-vine or a pick-up arm in the form of a golf club. Turntables are manufactured exclusively to taste from various materials like wood, granit or metals.


No matter if you need new wiring for pick-up arms or the bearing of the arms needs fixing or you wish to have the bearing of the turntable repaired, we meet each demand of our clients.

part or total modification

Our offer varies from part modification to total modification of turn tables.


The tuning of pick-up arms and drives is most important for Hauer Analog.

Maintainance & Service

Personal expert advice is first priority with Hauer Analog. The realization of your wishes in all variants is our topmost goal.

Equipment & Spare parts

We offer you spare parts as well as new equipment for your turn table, made from Hauer Analog, e.g. clips, absorption-legs, rings or balancer for pipes. We also offer a variety of high-end speakers and pre-amplifiers for purchase and racks as well.